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Your guide for low carbon concrete


Looking for a concrete that fits your specific needs and facilities? We are happy to engineer the mix design for you and guide the implementation of the new binder-product on site.

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Worldwide about 4.2 billion tons of cement is produced each year, leaving a measurable impact in terms of carbon emissions. The production of cement is responsible for as much as 8 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions, enough to be considered a major contributor. In comparison, the combination of trucking, shipping and aviation is 6 percent.

ResourceFull offers Low Carbon Concrete Recipes: tailor made, durable and much more sustainable. Directly lower your impact by up to 90%. Innovative binder systems consisting of well chosen secondary resources and engineered activators, allow standards above those of the most common applications.

ResourceFull matches you to Low Carbon Concrete Recipes from alternative sources, directly lowering your environmental impact, while diversifying your supply chain. 

Our eye is on drastically lowering the environmental impact of the construction industry, as well as preventing landfill, while offering superior products with excellent technical performance.

Green Buildings
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