ResourceFull has invested in the creation of a new generation of High Performance Concrete. An innovative binder system consisting of well chosen secondary resources and engineered activators, allow standards above those of the most common applications.

ResourceFull's high performance concretes provide innovative solutions with the latest technology, designed to meet the customers needs and facilities.

A scope of properties available:

High early strength ~ 20 MPa at 3 hours

High strength ~ 70-140 MPa

Ultra high strength ~ 140-250 MPa

High flexural strength ~ 10-45 MPa


Chemical resistance

Thoughness and impact resistance

Blas/bomb proof concrete

Fire resistance

Looking for a concrete that fits your specific needs and facilities? We are happy to aid or engineer the mix design for you and guide the implementation of the new binder-product on site.


Recycled materials

ResourceFull utilizes recycled and secondary resources, making us a net user of waste.