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Putting it to the test

ResourceFull's Cement and Concrete Laboratory effectively supports our quest for qualitative low carbon concrete solutions.

We offer you comprehensive mortar and concrete testing at every stage of your project for a deeper view on recipe performance. From preliminary reactivity scanning of potential residue streams to specifically targeted product development.

Our laboratory is equipped with a wide variety of industry standard tests, but also offers specialized test set-ups to support your needs. You can download are laboratory brochure here.


​Be confident about improving your concrete performance.

  • Mixing and production of mortar and concrete samples

  • Temperature and humidity controlled curing

  • Tests on paste, mortar and concrete

  • Early age properties including rheology, setting, calorimetry

  • Mechanical properties including compressive and flexural strength

  • Durability testing including freeze-thaw and alkali-silica reaction

  • Monitoring of shrinkage

  • Chemical and mineralogical analysis

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