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Into slag before it was cool

We're firmly walking the path towards low carbon concrete... let us guide you from the beginning.


The history of our founders is rooted in materials science and metallurgy. Pyro- and hydrometallurgical processes are no strangers to us and as such we provide expert insights and scientific solutions to our clients in the metallurgical and mining industry. Whether your project is straightforward or complex, we can help. Our team consults on a range of matters related to the valorisation of your residues:


  • High temperature slag modification

  • Solidification techniques: slag pot cooling, water or air granulation...

  • Post-treatment: washing, aging, separation techniques...

Cement Pipes
Cement Paving

In our cement and concrete laboratory we conduct research related to the incorporation of industrial residues, such as metallurgical slag, fly ash and waste clays in concrete with binder formulations with little to no traditional cement. Our company collaborates with academia and industry, leveraging expertise in conducting the right research to address issues of social and industrial relevance.

ResourceFull offers to create new revenue streams from your residue while lowering waste and landfill. Elevating your impact, both on business and environment. 

Benchmark your resdidue to identify the potential for low carbon concretes​

Match your residue to the right opportunities and partners​

Certify and scale your residue to become a raw material for low carbon concretes

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