Climate change is affecting us all. One of the major contributors to the world COemission is the building industry. Cement production reached a staggering 4 billions tons in 2015, making concrete the second-most used commodity in the world, only behind water. The manufacturing of cement is energy intensive and accounts for 8% of world's COemission. ResouceFull's products use zero percent cement, allowing a decrease of 70% COemission. We use recycled and secondary resources from other industries as raw materials for our products. This makes us a net user of waste, using more than we produce.

ResourceFull stimulates industrial symbiosis by bringing or improving business to a network of diverse organizations. Our goal is to foster eco-innovation by creating and sharing mutually profitable transactions. ResourceFull hopes to bring together traditionally seperate industries in collaboration aimed at organizing in order to utilize each other’s waste products, knowledge and technologies.

Our ambition is to market products in a dynamic way and develop models that adapt to local markets characteristics, with maximum environmental and social benefit. We endorse and defend Open Innovation, sharing of IP and sharing of people. ResourceFull doesn’t engage in IP protection in the form of a dominant power game, since sustainability simply can not wait.